9 Budgeting Tips

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It isn’t that budgeting is so hard really, but it is a lifestyle, something that you have to incorporate into your everyday routine. And any new habit takes some time to stick. If you taste a little bit of success and newfound control of your money right out of the gate, you’re much more likely to be motivated and commit for the long term. And that is so possible.

You can absolutely feel different about your money after just one month of budgeting. So, commit fully and completely. If you don’t make a plan, you are setting yourself up for fast failure. But don’t worry, we’ve failed every which way, and learned all the tricks! Here are our top ten tips to make a budget stick—establish some of these proven guidelines and practices and you’ll start strong and stick with it because you see and feel it working.

  1. Identify Priorities: After the essentials, what is most important to you.
  2. Regular Budget Meetings: These keep everyone focused on the big picture.
  3. Focus on the Present: What is your bank balance right now? Focus on that.
  4. What do you need right now?: Focus on the most important things first, rent, food & gas.
  5. Don’t get blindsided: Holiday expenses and car emergencies are inevitable, so make sure you budget for them.
  6. Destroy Debt: Pay the minimum for each of your debts. Pay more on the smallest debt.
  7. Don’t forget Fun: Leave some wiggle room.
  8. Track Spending: Before making a purchase check your budget.
  9. Be Flexible: Don’t fret, just move money from another category.

Tempra Mosley

Life Planner

“The process of planning for the unexpected begins with a conversation. I want to get to know you – your dreams, your goals, your passions. I want to know what makes you who you are. My goal is to listen, then help you design a plan that aligns with all these things as well as your budget.”

 Tempra Mosley is the CEO of Tempra Insurance, a life planner and financial consultant. Reach her at 800-385-0544 or at insurancetempra@gmail.com.