Birthday Celebrations, How do you celebrate?

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Ok- here is what I learned (and it keeps me from heartbreak)- There is a holiday every time I turn around. Most of them. ALL of them…celebrate someone or something other than ME! Some of those holidays are for people and purposes that are long gone- so they aren’t even here to see us “jump around” for them. For that reason- I don’t really celebrate them in the traditional way. In fact- I don’t celebrate too many peoples’ birthdays without them asking me to. I realized this shortly after the birth of my first child. With that said- MY BIRTHDAY is exactly that. It is MINE. It is for ME. Not anyone else. I treat it as exactly that- MINE. By doing so- I created a defense mechanism to shield me from following the traditions of society that leave me singing, “It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to”. FORGET THAT! I don’t expect anyone to acknowledge MY BIRTHDAY because I live with the desire for them to focus on their own. IF I choose to celebrate the birth of my children- it is with the expectation that they will not even notice when my birthday comes around. PRINT THIS OUT and tape it to your mirror. This will help ease your pain and trust me- eventually, someone will notice the change in you. *(EVEN IF IT’S BECAUSE THEY READ IT WHILE THEY WERE POOPING A LOG!)

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