Reviewing your Retirement and Long Term Care plans!

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Planning for the unexpected

What exactly do your plans have in them? What do they cover? Would you like for us to assist you in reviewing them? We would be glad to help you! Just let us know!

REMEMBER TO REVIEW! (Because your plan is for YOUR retirement income that you do not want to outlive!):

  1. No losses — Does your plan have the possibility of losing money? If so, is that the best for you?
  2. Taxation — How will your beneficiaries be affected? How will YOU be affected when you need your money or when you are required (by law) to start taking RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions)? New laws have been implemented since 2020. IF YOUR ADVISOR hasn’t told you about them and how they may affect you, then you have to figure it out for yourself or just hope for the best.
  3. Long-Term Care — Are there elimination periods? What are the restrictions? Distributions? Costs? What’s your “Return on Investment”?

Here is what is TYPICALLY important to people —
*More Control*
*Larger Inheritance*
*More Money*
*Fewer Taxes*

Is this true for you, too? Are you getting ALL that you deserve or just getting what others want to give you?

You don’t need a lot of money. What you need is a lot of INCOME.

You worked hard for every penny you earned. It’s our job to help you keep it!

Visit our website and watch our webinar on retirement. It will be the BEST 16 minutes of your time.

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If you like what you see, share us with others who may benefit from this information! Especially your children and other working-aged friends and family, so that they don’t make the mistakes others have made!

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There’s a little something for everyone, especially those who want to — HAVE MORE! KEEP MORE! and MAKE IT LAST!

Until next time, Live WELLthy!

Tempra Mosley

Life Planner

“The process of planning for the unexpected begins with a conversation. I want to get to know you – your dreams, your goals, your passions. I want to know what makes you who you are. My goal is to listen, then help you design a plan that aligns with all these things as well as your budget.”

 Tempra Mosley is the CEO of Tempra Insurance, a life planner and financial consultant. Reach her at 800-385-0544 or at